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Your Expert Guide to Balloon Sinus Dilation

Balloon sinus dilation is a procedure similar to Balloon SinuplastyTM that helps to relieve the symptoms of chronic sinusitis and chronic rhinosinusitis without cutting or removing any bone or tissue from the sinus area.

Balloon Sinus Dilation

Balloon sinus dilation (also called balloon sinuplasty) technology gives our physicians additional tools for endoscopic surgery. Balloon sinus dilation uses a catheter-based device designed to clear blocked sinuses, restore normal sinus drainage and function, and preserve normal anatomy and mucosal tissue.

Our doctors also use advanced diagnostic tools to determine when it is appropriate to use the balloon sinus dilation. Balloon sinus dilation procedure may not require general anesthesia and in many cases the patient is able to resume normal activities within 24 hours.

balloon sinus dilation
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Balloon Sinus Dilation Explained

The sinuses are air spaces behind the bones of your upper face, and lie between your eyes, forehead, nose, and cheeks. Your sinuses are lined with a mucus layer and cells that have cilia, which are tiny hairs, on the surface. These cilia help trap and push out pollutants and bacteria.

Your sinuses each have an opening that allows mucus to drain. When your sinuses are healthy, the drainage is working well. However, inflammation can occur in the lining if they aren't working efficiently. This is known as sinusitis. If your sinus openings become swollen shut, your mucus cannot drain away, which can lead to infection and inflammation of the sinuses.

In many cases, an ideal treatment to alleviate these symptoms at the source is through a minimally invasive procedure called Balloon SinuplastyTM or balloon sinus dilation. Our expert team at Del Rey MD can conduct balloon sinus dilation in a single day without tissue removal, bleeding or pain, allowing you to breathe clearly again.

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At our Del Rey MD locations in Marina del Rey, Long Beach, Lancaster and Bakersfield, 100% of our balloon sinus dilation procedures are performed in the office. Our expert team has conducted the highest number of balloon sinus dilation procedures in the state of California, which enables us to provide exceptional patient outcomes.

Patients can expect quick recovery times and very little pain as a result of our experience and specialized approach. We are also in network with many insurance plans which makes it easy for our patients to receive the benefit of having the balloon sinus dilation procedure covered by insurance. At Del Rey MD, we do not have to charge a facility fee, and there is no necessity to see a primary care doctor for a referral.

Why Would You Need Balloon Sinus Dilation?

When a patient comes to see the top-rated balloon sinus dilation team at Del Rey MD, there is an initial evaluation to see if they are a suitable candidate. Patients who can benefit from Balloon SinuplastyTM or balloon sinus dilation, are typically experiencing chronic sinus problems. More than 37 million people are diagnosed with sinus problems in the U.S, including chronic sinus conditions such as rhinitis and sinusitis.

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If you are experiencing recurrent sinus infection, chronic sinus infection, pressure headaches, post nasal drip, or nasal congestion related to sinus disease, you may benefit from having balloon sinus dilation. Typically at Del Rey MD, we recommend having this procedure to patients who get sinus infections four to five times a year.

Patients who may benefit from balloon sinus dilation also include those who have been looking to find relief from chronic sinus problems for more than 12 weeks.

If you are looking for freedom from a chronic sinus problem, you may be experiencing symptoms including:

  • Stuffy nose or runny nose

  • Severe congestion

  • Facial pressure or pain

  • Loss of sense of smell

  • Teeth pain

  • Fatigue

  • Difficulty breathing

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. Sinuses are hollow spaces within the bones between your eyes, behind your cheekbones, and in your forehead.

Sinusitis can often be accompanied by a fever, sinus pressure, headache, and post-nasal drip. You may also have green or yellow nasal discharge.

What is Rhinitis?

Rhinitis is when a reaction occurs that causes nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and itching. Most types of rhinitis are caused by inflammation and are associated with symptoms in the eyes, ears, or throat. If you have nasal discharge, this is usually a strong indication of rhinitis.

Balloon sinus dilation can release facial pressure, alleviate a stuffy or runny nose and help eliminate congestion for good. This treatment can also help regain loss of smell from such nasal conditions as well.

What Happens During Balloon Sinus Dilation?

During balloon sinus dilation, a Del Rey MD sinus specialist uses a nasal spray with an anesthetic agent to numb the nose. Cotton soaked in a topical agent is used to numb the nose and sinuses even further. Our sinus specialist then places a tiny balloon in your nasal cavity and it is slowly inflated to restructure the blocked sinuses. Opening the airway with the balloon allows sinus drainage to return to normal during the entirely pain-free procedure.

Our sinus specialist then deflates and removes the balloon. How long the procedure takes depends on your specific condition and anatomy. Typically, patients spend around one and a half to two hours at the practice for the entire treatment process. This allows time for pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment examination.

At Del Rey MD, we don’t use any packing during the procedure, which is usually what causes pain upon removal. Ultimately this means recovery is faster and progresses much more easily for the patient.

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When the balloon sinus dilation has been carried out, it's usual for most patients to feel immediate relief. The procedure helps open the sinus cavity to unclog your sinuses, and your nasal cavity is cleaned and drained of any mucus buildup before the balloon is deflated and removed.

Usually, you can leave our office and return to work or school that day or the next.

Recommended Post Treatment Care for Balloon Sinus Dilation

As a top-rated balloon sinus dilation specialist, Dr. Sigari or one of his expert team may recommend you stay away from strenuous activities (like heavy lifting) for a week after undergoing treatment.

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After a brief healing period of a week or so, you should notice an improvement in your sinuses, and you will be able to return to your normal schedule and activities. You will also have freedom from the inconvenience of a dripping or congested nose, and facial pain.

It is essential for patients to keep the nose moist with a nasal salt-water spray. A corticosteroid nasal spray is recommended as it assists with reducing inflammation.

Having an office-based procedure performed under local anesthesia means patients don't have to deal with any adverse effects, costs, or risks usually associated with general anesthesia.

The majority of practices offering balloon sinuplasty insist patients return for a follow-up visit every week for four weeks after the procedure. However, at Del Rey MD we only suggest two follow-up appointments to check that everything has gone smoothly and recovery is progressing as expected.

At Del Rey MD, we have top-rated balloon sinus dilation specialists in Marina del Rey, Long Beach, Lancaster and Bakersfield. Our expert providers regularly attend seminars and research courses to build in-depth knowledge on ear, nose and throat procedures.

What Are the Positive Outcomes of Balloon Sinus Dilation?

After your balloon sinus dilation, you will be able to go out to social events and enjoy outdoor activities without having to worry about the debilitating effects of nasal congestion and sinus pain.

You may also experience an improvement in sleep quality which results in more energy overall.

Having a balloon sinus dilation can also result in a reduction of sinus headaches, less frequent infections, and you will experience a reduction in pressure in the nose.

Common Questions Associated with Balloon Sinus Dilation
Does a balloon sinus dilation require an incision?

No, there is no incision necessary for balloon sinus dilation. To perform the procedure, a small tube attached to a light is inserted into the sinus cavity and a balloon is gently inserted and inflated to open the airway.

Will I have to be sedated for balloon sinus dilation?

Balloon sinus dilation is performed under mild sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Do I need to take any medications after my balloon sinus dilation?

You may be prescribed antibiotics after your procedure to prevent infection.

Is Balloon Sinuplasty™ covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies now recognize the overall benefit of balloon sinus dilation, and will cover the procedure when it is medically necessary. At our Del Rey MD locations in Marina del Rey, Long Beach, Lancaster and Bakersfield, we can work with you and your insurance provider to ascertain if the procedure is covered.

How long do the results of balloon sinus dilation last?

Every case is different, but on average, balloon sinus dilation can provide relief for up to two years.

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