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Your Expert Guide to Septoplasty

At Del Rey MD septoplasty is one of the procedures we offer that can give relief and respite from nasal discomfort. If you are having issues with breathing through your nose, and have a deviated septum, you can see very positive results from undergoing septoplasty.


Septoplasty is the generic term used for any type of surgery that can reshape your nasal septum, which is the midline thin wall that separates your left and right nasal cavities. The procedure can improve your breathing, so you do not have to rely on breathing through your mouth.

Our expert team of ear, nose and throat specialists at our Del Rey MD locations in Marina del Rey, Long Beach, Lancaster, and Bakersfield, are highly skilled in assessing whether your condition can benefit from having septoplasty surgery. After an in-depth consultation, one of our physicians can assess the best treatment plan to ease your symptoms.

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Why You May Need Septoplasty

You may need to have septoplasty because your septum is bending to the left or the right in one direction. The condition can impede airflow through your nose. Breathing can become difficult, and you have to rely on breathing through your mouth, which causes dryness and can interrupt sleeping at night.

On occasion, patients undergo septoplasty due to a sinus surgery or a tumor removal. In addition, you may need septoplasty if you have tried non-surgical treatments for obstructive sleep apnea or a snoring problem and they have been unsuccessful.

At Del Rey MD, in 99% of cases, we can perform septoplasty in-office. We rarely recommend the procedure for cosmetic purposes; however, if this is appropriate for an individual case we can accommodate. Most septoplasty patients may return to work after three to four days.

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What Does Septoplasty Surgery Involve?

Typically patients come in and see one of our surgeons so we can assess if they are a good candidate for the procedure. A member of our ENT team at our Del Rey MD locations in Marina del Rey, Long Beach, Lancaster, and Bakersfield can carry out a CT scan in-office, which will detect a deviated septum.

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Depending on the problem at hand, a septoplasty can be performed endoscopically, with small incisions inside the nose, or if necessary, as an open procedure.

A septoplasty takes place entirely inside the nose. The surgeon cuts a wall on one side of the nose to lift or remove the mucosa, which is a thin membrane protecting the septum. Then it is possible to reshape the septum’s bone and cartilage. When the septum has been reshaped, the mucosa is placed back over the septum. The procedure takes between 30 and 90 minutes.

Our teams at our Del Rey MD locations in Marina del Rey, Long Beach, Lancaster, and Bakersfield, have a vast amount of experience, so patients experience the least amount of pain and enjoy the quickest recovery time. We also use minimal packing to make healing time faster and easier for the patient.

What Are the Positive Outcomes of Having Septoplasty?

Patients who have septoplasty can often experience relief in a few days from the symptoms of a deviated septum. Our patients at Del Rey MD who have undergone septoplasty, experience a positive change in their quality of life. The issues of sleepless nights and dry mouth because of mouth breathing are alleviated.

At Del Rey MD, we believe our patients get a superior quality of care because we perform the highest number of nasal obstruction procedures, including septoplasty in the state of California. We are the experts.

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Common Questions Associated with Septoplasty Surgery
When do you need septoplasty surgery for a deviated septim?

At Del Rey MD, we recommend septoplasty if you have had medical therapy or treatments and you are still having issues with a stuffy nose caused by a deviated septum. Everyone has a slightly deviated spetum, but this does not mean you have to undergo surgery.

Can you experience discomfort from having a septoplasty?

A patient may experience mild to moderate temporary discomfort from a septoplasty, which may feel similar to a sinus infection. When patients experience discomfort, one of our experts prescribes medication to ease symptoms. The course usually lasts for a few days.

Will having a septoplasty change the shape of your face?

No, septoplasty alone will not change the shape of your face.

Can you eat after you have had septoplasty?

You will be able to eat right away after having your procedure with no restrictions.

Is septoplasty covered by insurance?

Del Rey MD is in network with most major insurance carriers, so the majority of our patients will have the benefit of their health incurance covering the procedure. In addition, we do not have to charge a facility fee, and there is no necessity to see a primary care doctor for a referral. One of our team can work with you on a plan.

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