Ali B.

Los Angeles, CA
starstarstarstarstar 4/28/2015Absolutely excellent. In-network (Blue Shield), was able to get an appointment next day as a new patient, everyone in the office was friendly and easy to work with, Dr. S spent a ton of time with me and didn’t rush, he fixed my ear problem in the easiest (and cheapest) way possible, and he even helped connect me with a good primary care physician when I mentioned I needed one.

Did I mention it was all excellent? Oh and they helped me stash my bike since I didn’t see the bike racks.

Not sure which one to leave this review on since there are two, so leaving it on both.

Kathy S.
Bloomfield Hills, MI
starstarstarstarstar 4/17/2015

Wonderful doctor! So blessed to have found him…was able to get an appointment quickly, and doctor addressed all concerns and helped with a relatively difficult issue, too! Thanks”””,

Mary B.
Westchester / LAX, Los Angeles, CA
starstarstarstarstar 4/13/2015

I came to Dr. Sigari’s office a few months ago never having been able to breathe through my nose and being chronically congested. He actually listened to what I had to say and was adamant about finding the best course of action for me. I underwent a balloon sinuplasty and septoplasty. The surgery was done in the morning and I was able to go home that same day. Everyone at the office was very accommodating and caring and made me feel like I was getting VIP treatment. Overall, I had a very good experience with Dr. Sigari and everyone at the office, and I would highly recommend them to anyone with ENT issues!

T M.
San Francisco, CA
starstarstarstarstar 9/4/2014If I could give more stars, I would. Let me tell you why.

I researched different methods of tonsillectomies and discovered the Starion Thermal Fusion, Tissue Welding technology that Dr. Sigari uses, which reduces the pain and recovery time of the procedure.

– I live in SF and have family in LA, on a visit to LA, Dr. Sigari’s office worked with me to schedule a consultation time near my flight arrival (the doctor’s office is not too far from LAX), my family lived 45 minutes from the doctors office so this was extremely helpful and convenient. +1 for the office team.

– High tech office had a remote scribe taking notes.

– Jessica Porras + 1: she was on top of all of my questions and e-mails.

– Picking a great surgery center: St. Johns Ambulatory Surgery Center – clean, modern, great nurses.

– Dr. Sigari was very informative and always gave you enough information for you to make your own judgements.

– Dr. Sigari communicates with you via text post op (even over a holiday weekend) +1

– Amazing job on the surgery. The pain was very manageable compared to the horror stories of the traditional methods I read online.

– Warned me multiple times of complications I could encounter and what to do should I encounter them. Luckily, I didn’t have any.

– Remote Electronic Postoperative check up, I had felt pretty good about the whole surgery, again, my family lived 45 minutes away. I asked if I could submit photos for a post op, because I had to catch a bus back up to SF, he agreed and this save me a great amount of time.

I would highly recommend him and his office to anyone near or far.

Felicia D.
Los Angeles, CA
starstarstarstarstar 9/12/2014

I had an ear ache and was able to get an appointment same day due to a cancellation. The staff was friendly and the doctor was attentive. I was able to get my issue resolved that day in the office. An added bonus is that he travels to India and Peru every year to assist in operations on children with cleft. Its nice to do business with doctors that care and take time to give back.

April L.
Los Angeles, CA
starstarstarstarstar 2/16/2015

Dr. Sigari and his staff are amazing! They cured me of my chronic sinus headaches by performing a one hour long balloon sinus dilation procedure in-office. It has changed my life! I can breathe through my nose, I no longer have headaches and I have more energy. This was seriously a life changing procedure…….best doctor that Ive ever been to!

Shadi G.
Los Angeles, CA
starstarstarstarstar 11/20/2014

I’ve always had an ongoing problem in the nasopharynx area whether it was related to my allergies or sinuses. Dr. Sigari address my concerns one by one, giving me details about the problem and multiple options for treatment. He captured a CT image of my sinuses where I was about to see my sinuses, deviated septum and other structures. Overall my experience in regards to consultation. examination and treatment was outstanding.

Rose T.
Calabasas, CA
starstarstarstarstar 12/8/2014

Very professional, clean and on time.

Lisa B.
Huntington Beach, CA
starstarstarstarstar 11/24/2014

Dr. Sigari was very kind and personable during my visit. His staff was great as well. I was impressed with the office.

Rochelle M.
Marina del Rey, CA
starstarstarstarstar 11/26/2014

Great Dr, very caring, conscientious and I felt like I was in good hands. Everything done efficiently with quick turnaround. Highly recommend.

Joeleen M.
Los Angeles, CA
starstarstarstarstar 1/14/2015

I have spent my whole life suffering from sinus issues from a continuous runny nose to painful sinus headaches and chronic sinus infections. I never thought I would be able to live a normal life without suffering. I have seen many other ENT’s in the past and they always sent me away with a prescription for antibiotics and Flonase but I never got better. When I went to see Dr. Sigari within the first 15 minutes he was able to perform a CT Exam and immediately diagnosed me with not only a deviated septum but massively clogged infected sinuses. In other words…I was really sick and did not realize how bad it had become. I was able to have surgery within a few weeks and now I feel like a new person. My sinus issues are gone and I never dreamed that I would be able to breath better and live a sinus-free life. Dr. Sigari is unique in that he runs a premium practice. He has a CT Exam machine in his office and it only takes minutes to diagnose the issue. His surgery center is also attached to his medical offices which makes the surgery process very easy and convenient. Dr. Sigari is also a top expert in sinus procedures including balloon sinuplasty as well as the most complex sinus procedures–including mine. Plus he is genuinely a really nice person and cares about his patients. Lastly his staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and provide top notch service. If you have sinus issues or allergies….you only have to make one call and that is to Dr. Sigari.

Jacob C.
Winnetka, CA
starstarstarstarstar 1/21/2013

Dr. Farhad Sigari really got me fixed up quickly. He quickly diagnosed and solved the problem Amazing…..

Dr. Farhad Sigari has a wonderful way of explaining everything to you in a very clear, comforting and intelligent manner. He looks beyond the face value of the patient but also considers environmental impacts . He doesn’t force anything on you and let’s you take things at your own pace. I wish all doctors would be like this!

Nemo M.
Los Angeles, CA
starstarstarstarstar-grey 9/10/2013

Dr. Sigari is cool, I like his confidence and he is a caring physician. I look forward to having my tonsillectomy with him.

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